Ranked #1 In The Steel Building Industry For Over 25 Years!

Throughout the years, Metal Construction News has seen the results of hundreds of companies building millions of square feet of steel building projects and purchasing hundreds of thousands of tons of steel. Year after year SPAN continues to top the charts both in square footage and tonnage.

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Integrity and Honesty: Core Principles of Success

King Husein CEO King Husein is chairman and CEO of Span Construction and Engineering Inc., in Madera, California. He received a bachelor's degree from the University of Bombay in India and a master's degree in civil engineering from BYU. Span Construction has built...

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2015 Fresno EDC Annual Report: Featuring SPAN

FRESNO, CA (Fresno EDC) SPAN; A world class competitor helping to put Central California on the map. THE SPAN LEGACY What started at the initiative of our CEO King Husein in 1979, has grown into the #1 ranked builder in its field. Span Con­struction & Engineering...

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MCN Hall of Fame Induction: King Husein

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  October 31, 2014; By Mark Robins (Full Article) King Husein: On the back of a simple concept, Husein has built a business that has transformed an industry King Husein has built Madera, Calif.- based Span Construction and Engineering into the...

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No-Sunday Stance Has Not Slowed Success of Costco Builder

UTAH (Desert News Utah) By: Lee Benson A mere five words ignited the showdown: "We don't work on Sundays." On one side of the table in the worksite trailer sat Firoz "King" Husein, owner and founder of Span Construction & Engineering, a company that specializes in...

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2006 SPAN Once Again Leading the Industry

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 2006; By  Kristy Vogelpohl (Full Article) Span Construction & Engineering, based in Madera, CA, has been a leader in the metal building industry for many years. After a short, one-year hiatus, Span is back on top as MCN's Top Metal...

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