Ranked #1 In The Steel Building Industry For Over 25 Years!

Throughout the years, Metal Construction News has seen the results of hundreds of companies building millions of square feet of steel building projects and purchasing hundreds of thousands of tons of steel. Year after year SPAN continues to top the charts both in square footage and tonnage.

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2003 Span Maintains Status As Top Metal Builder

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 2003; By Megan Langell (Full Article) Congratulations are in order for a distinguished member of the metal construction industry. Span Construc­tion & Engineering Inc. of Madera, CA, has maintained its status for the 13th consecutive...

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2002 SPAN Captures 12th top metal builder crown

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 2002; By Krista Hovis (Full Article) For the 12th year in a row, Span Construction & Engineering Inc. of Madera, CA, has earned the honor of being named Metal Construction News' Top Metal Builder for 2001. "It is a rare privilege to...

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2001 SPAN Exceeds Own Record To Claim Top Builder Status

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 2001; By Johnna Young (Full Article) Recording 41,657 tons of steel pur­chased for 2000, Span Construction and Engineering, Madera, CA, has surpassed its own record of 36,504 tons for 1999. Once again, the suc­cessful company was named...

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1999 Span Collects MCN Top Metal Builder Award

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 1999; By Johnna Young (Full Article) Progress is a key ingredient that contributes to Span Construction & Engineering Inc. 's continuing suc­cess. For example, the company, which has once again been named the top pre-engineered metal...

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