A Teamwork Approach to Safety

safety is our priority, service is our spirit

“We believe that each employee has the right to derive personal satisfaction from his/her job and the prevention of occupational injury or illness is of such importance that it is given top priority at all times.”

– George Goddard, President

Our Priority

a commitment to safety

Safety is more than a priority at SPAN – it’s an obsession. Our priorities put safety first – a philosophy that extends from the office to the field. Where safety is concerned, there is simply no room for compromise. Here are a few components of our safety program:

injury & illness prevention plan

SPAN’s program utilizes extensive and informative training materials for each employee – on every jobsite.

sky-web II system

An ingenious suspension safety net system that SPAN co-designed and utilizes on every project. This system greatly reduces the distance of falls; thus reducing severe injuries.

dedicated safety director

SPAN’s dedicated safety director oversees all aspects of employee/project safety and strives to continually raise the bar of our safety standards.

span university

At the SPAN University, employees are able to practice safety procedures, work with components, build mock-ups, and test new systems. SPAN is dedicated to ensuring that employees are well-equipped with the tools and skills they need to perform their jobs safely.

subcontractor safety standards

SPAN is dedicated to upholding jobsite safety – even for our subcontractors. Our subs are prequalified by strict safety standards.

working drug & alcohol free

Working safe means working drug and alcohol free. SPAN expects its employees to take responsibility and to be accountable for making this commitment to themselves and the safety of their workplace. SPAN regularly conducts tests for drug and alcohol use.