A Look Into The Costco Sevilla, SP Project


The master design that Broadway Malyan created 20 years ago for the US entity includes a single story warehouse with street level parking. This is just another addition to the more than 670 warehouses worldwide.

Depending on the construction system and the erection process, each Costco warehouse takes an average of 45 days to be erected. The schedule may vary if the project requires major adjustments, due to foundations and site accessibility.

As was the case of the warehouse in the Andalusian capital, whose limited site space required the development of an a-typical floor plan: 142,622 square foot warehouse with an underground parking structure.  Over which a complete metal building was erected.



Traditionally, the steel building industry uses light gauge, C or Z shaped, galvanized purlins for commercial buildings. Costco however, uses steel, open web, truss purlins.

With a weight of 8kg/m2, this system allows for a span of 18m that results in the use of less frames, footings, and an overall light weight structure translating to a more cost effective project. In Seville, for example, the distance between frames helps to create a better layout for shelving.

These characteristics challenge the methods of construction typically used in Spain, making the US based company look for local suppliers capable of meeting their standards.  Norton, Edificios Industriales S.A. was chosen to supply and manufacture the steel frames, walls, and roof.



Roof panels are seamed in place over 8in fiberglass insulation and vinyl facing which acts as a vapor barrier. Typical exposed fastened roof systems require a 10% pitch, but this process reduces the slope to 2%.

Roof curbs were installed to accommodate for 161 skylights, 67 smoke vents, 20 HVACs, as well as exhaust fans. The roof top refrigeration condenser units sit on a steel platform supported by the building main frames so as to not interfere with the roof covering system.



This is an exposed fastened system composed of 24 gauge wall sheets over 4in faced insulation. The exterior finish is coated with a paint system that provides a finish warranty of 25 years. All together the components weigh in at 5.5kg/m2.



Costco Seville was built in a total of 18 weeks, a timeframe which was considerably more than the allotted time for structures of this sort.  This being the first project in the Iberian country, many of the construction means and methods were put to the test and will be adjusted for the next two stores planned in Madrid.

  • Phase one: Foundation and underground structure (11 weeks)
  • Phase two: Metal building erection and installation of roof and wall panels (2 weeks)
  • Phase three: Installation of roof curbs and roof top equipment (5 weeks)

Getafe headquarters – which will include a 21,528 square foot office building for Costco Spain – and Las Rozas have been challenged to try to reduce the project schedule by 12 weeks. Already, work is under way to coordinate teams involved in the handling and flow of materials. These factors have a deep impact in the duration of work.